PhDr. Hana Včelařová
Assistant professor

PhDr. Hana Včelařová

Department of Pedagogical Sciences
E-mail: vcelarova@utb.cz TEL: +420 576 037 441 Office:

At present, PhDr. Vcelarova is involved in teaching subjects Developmental Psychology, Pedagogical-Psychological Diagnostics, Social Pathology, Methods of Working with Problem Children
PhDr. Vcelarova is a PhD student at the Department of Psychology, Faculty of Philosophy at Palacky University in Olomouc.
In the course of 2015-2016, the principal investigator of the project IGA / FHS / 2015/007 – Overweight and obesity of younger school pupils in the context of performance and psychosocial characteristics: possibilities of using knowledge in the work of a social pedagogue. The co-founders of the project were Bc. Martina Hrbackova (2015) and Bc. Hana Frydrychova (2016).
In 2017, PhDr. Vcelarova participated in the GAČR project “Analysis of self-regulatory mechanisms of socially excluded pupils”. The main leader of this project is Mgr. Karla Hrbackova, Ph.D.


Consulting hours

Monday 13:00-15.00

Curriculum vitae


2016– till this time            doctoral study at Faculty of Philosophy, Palacky University, Olomouc


2003                                      state rigorous examination, Faculty of Philosophy, UP Olomouc, subject


1991 – 1996                         PF UK, Prague (Faculty of Philosophy, Charles University, Prague,

 subject    Psychology

1987 – 1989                      Secondary Pedagogical School, Prague, Czech Republic

1978 – 1981                       Grammar School, Zlín, Czech Republic

Internships and study stays

20.11.2017-1.12.2017 – Faculty of Philosophy, Ss Cyril a Methodius University, Skopje, Makedonie. Lectures and consultations on the topics „The system of school counselling facilities in the Czech Republic: the practice of children´s psychologists in these institutions“, „Excessive, normal and subnormal body weight among the Czech primary and preschool children in the context of performances and psychosocial characteristics“

12.3.2012 -17.3.2012 – University of Central Lancashire, Great Britain: Psychosocial aspects of working with obese children in primary schools in Czech Republic“

6.-10.9.2010 –  Aarhus  in Denmark, Via University College, Department of

Social Work,  participation on Student´s Conference „Social  Welfare and Health

Services in Czech Republic“ (7.th September, 2010) 

15.11.2009 -18.11.2009 – one-week stay in House for Elderly in Tilberg, Netherlands 

8.12.2008 – 12.12.2008 – one-week stay in Hospice of St. Elizabeth,  Ľubica – Kežmarok, Slovak Republic 

1.6.2003 – 6.6.2003 – Atlanta Fetal Alcohol Centre, Marcus Institute, USA: „Training program that focuses on neurodevelopmental testing in children“



Process of employment


1981 – 1987            Educator and teacher, Elementary School, Prague, Czech Republic

1987 – 1993            Maternal leave

1995 – 1997            Children psychologist, Ped.-Psychological Advice Centre, Prague 1

1997 – 1999            Children psychologist, Ped.-Psychological Advice Centre, Prague 4

1999                        Prison Psychologist, VS ČR, Prague-Pankrác

1999 – 2001            Children Psychologist, DC Zlín

2001                        Department of Education, Youth and Sport, Regional Authority in Zlín

2002 – 2008            Psychological Advice Centres, children Psychologist, Zlín 

2009 – 2014            School psychologist, Elementary School TGM Otrokovice

2008 – this time     Assistant professor, Tomas Bata University in Zlín, Faculty of Humanities,

 Department of Pedagogical Sciences


Other publications

Včelařová, H. a P. Cakirpaloglu (2018). Social behaviour and cognitive performance of overweight preschool children as estimated by parents and nursery-school teachers. Psychologie a její kontexty, 9(1), 3-14.

Včelařová, H. and M. Bendová (2014). Evaluation of the adolescent children with overweight and obesity by a significant peer group as a part of their normal social reality. Report on a partial results of one research. Psychosom, (1): 34-37.

Včelařová, H., Chráska, M., Martincová, J. and P. Andrysová (2014). Psychosocial aspects of overweight and obesity of early and preschool children in the context of selected socio-demographic indicators in the Czech Republic and some other countries. Social Pedagogy, 2 (2): 9-21.doi: 10.7441 / soced.2014.02.02.01.

Včelařová, H. and M. Bendová (2013). Overweight and obesity in children and adolescents in the UK – current situation and approaches based on psychosocial aspects of the problem. E-psychologie, 7 (2). ISSN 1802-8853.

Včelařová, H. and M. Bendová (2012). Experience with cases of childhood obesity that have been identified as a result of neglect of childcare. Psychologie pro praxi,(1-2): 103-109. ISSN 1803-8670.





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