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The Faculty of Humanities  would  like to stay in touch with  its graduates  even after  having finished their studies. Thanks to the  FHS Alumni  portal, the graduates  are informed about  university events, courses, seminars, workshops and various  forms of education. They can also learn about  mutually beneficial possibilities of cooperation.

The Faculty  offers  cooperation in the following  fields:

1 ) Advising or opposing bachelor/master  theses

2)  Lecture on professional experience

  • lecture/seminar  within the subject, external teaching
  • separate lecture/workshop for students
  • lecture on professional experience – topic given by  FHS
  • lecture/workshop within the Lifelong  Learning  Programme for professionals
  • mediating a lecture of an eminent expert practitioner

 3) Professional training and internship

  • arranging a vocational internship,  excursions  or training for students
  • arranging  a vocational internship for academic workers
  • arranging a contract  for work,  or minimum  hours for students
  • arranging  employment for  graduates
  • mentoring the students
  • use the potential of students  in professional workplaces  according  to the specialization (e.g. during  processing standards, assistance in organizing events, providing pedagogical supervision, health supervision, interpreting services, etc.).

4) Volunteering

  • wide range of voluntary  activities for students  (practice- based);
  • involvement in voluntary activities of the Faculty (Donate Blood with FHS, Charity Bazaar…)

5) Other activities

  • discussion meeting with  FHS students;
  • commenting on the content of study on the basis of practical experience.

If  you are interested in  participating in any of these areas, please contact us.

The Faculty of Humanities  would be pleased to welcome its graduates to an Alumni Club, where they can  establish closer cooperation with other former students, and support contacts within an application sphere.

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