Tomas Bata University in Zlín


If technical seminars are not exactly your favorite thing, but you are interested in fields concerning people, their wants and needs, welcome to the Faculty of Humanities (FHS).

At FHS, you can further develop your talent for learning languages, for example you will be able to read books in their original language as well as watch movies without subtitles or dubbing. Work and life in a foreign country may seem very interesting, but even the most accomplished specialist in any field cannot share his thoughts and knowledge if nobody understands what he is saying.

On the other hand, knowing foreign languages in itself is useless if we do not use it in our daily life, because skills of this kind mean nothing until they can be used in practice. With us, you can learn to communicate not only in English, but also in other world languages – German, Russian, French, or even Chinese – the choice is yours. Language skills combined with business administration will open up opportunities for you throughout the whole world. You can get used to being independent and actually living in a foreign country for a semester or two by taking part in the Erasmus programme, an ideal opportunity for students, since they always maintain the support of their home faculty.

Another study programme you can choose with us at FHS is Social Pedagogy. By studying in this field, you will join a large group of specialists working in teaching and caretaking positions in the childcare system. These experts care for teenagers, adults as well as retirees. In the field of teaching, we also offer Andragogy for Human Resource Management in the Non-Profit Sector, where you can become an expert in training and teaching adults.

For those of you who love working with children and students and are interested in the topic of education in preschools and primary schools, the study programme Preschool Teacher Training and Secondary School Teacher Training in Specialized Subjects is the way to go. Have you ever had a feeling like you wanted to change something about a class you had or even something about the school itself? Maybe it’s time for you to try to change some negative school stereotypes and thus become one of the special people who students look up to with respect and admiration. Become their role model!

Healthcare is a vital part of human life. From the moment we are born and even before this, midwives take care of our needs. As we grow up and grow older, health problems arise, and nurses and social welfare workers are here to take care of us. You can gain professional knowledge of these professions in our non-medical healthcare majors as well as work with the newest scientific research in caretaking. There is no doubt that working in healthcare is not the easiest path to choose, but those who work in this area are among the most valuable citizens in the community. Can you handle this responsibility? With our professional leadership, we are sure you can.

We believe that you will have a wonderful experience studying at FHS. Like so many other young people who have passed through our doors, you will gain experiences and meet friends that will remain with you for your entire life.

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