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Advanced Master’s State Examination

Advanced Master’s State Examination can be taken only in Czech language. The procedure is in compliance with FHS Regulations and Dean’s Directive PD/05/2016 Organization and Procedure of Advanced Master’s State Examination. The examination is offered in degree courses Social Pedagogy and Teacher Training for Junior schools. Submission deadlines for e-applications are March 31 and October 31 at Advanced Master’s thesis topic suggestion and the approach, goals, methods and results are submitted to FHS Study Department. These aspects are evaluated by the Degree Course Guarantor who accepts or rejects them. The Head of the particular FHS Department informs the applicant in writing by registered mail about the result of this evaluation within 30 days after the submission deadline. Advanced Master’s Thesis is written individually and its scope exceeds that of Diploma Thesis. An applicant must have a Master’s degree in such or similar specialization in order to be able to apply for Advanced Master’s State Examination.

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