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Volunteer Activity

What is volunteering?
Volunteering is a freely chosen activity aimed at benefiting others. A volunteer is a person who provides their time, energy, knowledge and skills to the needy without entitlement to any fees.

Main features of volunteering:
• freely chosen
• unpaid

A prerequisite for volunteering is a pro-social orientation.

Pro-social orientation characteristics:
• behaviour in favor of society, not based on official duty;
• behaviour without expecting favors or rewards;
• behaviour encouraging reciprocity (.i.e. similar behaviour of a recipient);
• behaviour that does not distort the pro-social-oriented person´s behaviour.

Pro-social behaviour includes:
•  providing physical assistance
• donating, lending or distributing
• advising, explaining
• encouraging
• positively evaluating others in order to enhance their self-esteem
• listening to others and being empathetic
• creating a pleasant atmosphere

The duration of voluntary activities is dependent on multiple variables. According to the law on voluntary service, particularly Act No. 198/2002 Coll. and its amendments, which went into effect on 1 January 2003, volunteering is either short or long term. Short-term volunteer services mostly involve assistance in single events (usually not exceeding  three months). Long-term volunteer services are generally four months or  longer and may take several years.

Volunteering at the Faculty of Humanities TBU
Volunteeering through FHS is carried out in cooperation with various volunteer organizations, such as the Volunteer Centre ADRA Zlín, Maltese Aid ops, etc. Volunteering allows students to develop their pro-social orientation, accountability, and crossover skills that might be applied in all aspects of their lives and that allow them to implement the skills they have acquired during their studies and in professional practice.

Training of student participants is provided free of charge, in cooperation with the Volunteer Center ADRA.

Help with us!

Various volunteer activities are open to all students and staff of Tomas Bata University in Zlín.

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