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Practical Training at FHS

Mandatory practical training is a part of study plans in all study programmes at our faculty, which makes FHS unique among other FHS faculties. FHS fields of study are practically oriented, therefore we not only establish contracts with high quality institutions which offer guidance to our students to train them  for their future jobs, but we also monitor the course of practical training. Equipped with these practical skills and experiences, connected with the theoretical knowledge, our graduates find the jobs easily.

FHS reflects the differences among our study programmes, for example students of midwifery get practical training at many accredited institutions, or students of pedagogy take advantage of the Statute of the Faculty School.

Department of Health Care Sciences, Department of Pedagogical Sciences, and Department of School Education offer practical training during the entire study. On the other hand, Department of Modern Languages and Literatures encourages students to find practical training at institutions or companies which they choose. Faculty database contains a wide range of companies and institutions for students to choose from LINK (only in czech).

Students practice based on Contracts on Student Practice. The most important institutions which offer student practical training can use the FHS logo to promote the connection between them and faculty.

Practical training is organised by departments in accordance with the accreditation files and with the Dean’s regulation (SD/04/2014) and it is guided and monitored by appointed coordinators. Students can get more information at:

Schedule of concluded contracts for FHS practical training (2018/2019_1) (only in Czech)

SD/04/2014 Odborné praxe studentů (only in Czech)

SD/07/2017 Statut fakultní školy FHS UTB ve Zlíně (only in Czech)


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