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Apart of Accommodation Scholarship for Erasmus+ students TBU nor our faculty offers any extra scholarships for incoming students. Nevertheless students may utilize other options offered by various mobility programmes. The list of possibilities is hidden here.

Types of Scholarships

FHS students are entitled to various types of scholarships.

Accommodation Scholarshi

Students are entitled to be paid twice a year; the first half for the period of September 1 – December 31 is paid in December while the second half for the period of January 1 – June 30 is paid in May. For more information, click here.

The Accommodation Scholarship amount varies a bit each year, but to help students get a better idea of the system, in the first half of the last year the sum was CZK 2,800 (approximately EUR 100) while the second half amounted to CZK 4,200 (approximately EUR 150).

Merit-based Scholarship

The Merit-based Scholarship is aimed at the best of the best. Students with the highest grades in the previous academic year are entitled to this type of scholarship. The scholarship amounts are approximately as follows:

  • Average grade results 1.00 (5,000 CZK/month – approximately 180 EUR/month)
  • Average grade results 1.01 – 1.15 (3,000 CZK/month – approximately 110 EUR/month)
  • Average grade results 1.16 – 1.3 (2,000 CZK/month – approximately 70 EUR/month)

The University grading system differs from the typical Czech high school system as follows:

A – 1.0 | B – 1.5 | C – 2.0 | D – 2.5 | E – 3.0

Special Scholarships

A special Accommodation Scholarship for Full-time Students with a Commute Time of Over 50 Minutes

Another type of Special Scholarship can be also awarded by the International Office to outgoing students for an internship that is financially more demanding than expected. This type of scholarship is not available at other educational institutions; it is an above-average amount to be paid in addition to the standard EU amounts.

Special needs students

The Faculty of Humanities follows the rules and guidelines for barrier-free studies that apply to the whole university. For more information, click here.

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