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Buddy System Zlín

Buddy System Zlín is a group of enthusiastic students from all faculties of Thomas Bata University in Zlín. These volunteers love meeting new people from all over the world. Every semester in their free time they organize trips, events and other activities for international students who come to Zlín.

Our so-called “buddies” are happy to answer all of your questions and to help you with any issues you may encounter regarding your stay in Zlín. Right from the beginning they can help you with travelling to Zlín as well as by meeting you at the train or bus station when you arrive, and bringing you to your dormitory. Once you get settled in your buddy will help you with administrative activities such visa registration at the police station, taking you to a doctor if you need one, and especially finding the best places to have fun in town where you can meet other students. Making your stay an unforgettable experience is what our buddies enjoy most.

Welcome Week
Your Erasmus Journey in Zlín starts with Welcome Week. This is the first week of semester with at least one party or social activity per day. By attending these activities you should have no trouble at all getting to know other internationals and local students who will help you find your way around the university campus and around the beautiful city of Zlín.

Orientation Walk
The Buddy System also organizes tours around the city which highlight the most important (and the most fun) places in Zlín. After attending one of these tours, you will know where to go for a meal or drink as well as where to go to party, chill out or shop for local products.

Help Twice
Interested in preparing your own meals at home? This is an event during which students can obtain dishes, pots and pans, etc. and other houseware that have been donated by previous international students. Just to make your first days here more comfortable…

Trips & events
Zlín is great, but our buddies also want to show you other parts of the region that have so much to offer. We provide a countless variety of trips to destinations such as exciting attractions in South Bohemia and South Moravia, the majestic Tatra Mountains, the nearby spa and skiing town of Luhačovice, as well as the Moravian Karst cave system, including Macocha, the deepest gorge in Central Europe. We even organize a visit to the magnificent historical city of Kraków in southern Poland at the foot of the Carpathian Mountains. And of course, Welcome Week is the first but not the only party week. We organize regular special events for our guest students such as the International Dinner, karaoke nights, movie nights, individual country presentations (featuring special food and cultural activities prepared by students showing their particular country – always a lot of fun and educational in the best way!), along with language bazaars and other social activities.

More information about this amazing community of local and international students can be found here.

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