Tomas Bata University in Zlín


Why study at the Faculty of Humanities?

Our degree courses are designed for the future.

What does our faculty offer? Put simply, compelling and stimulating degree programmes that will never make you bored. Your degree will give you an opportunity to be in touch with people from birth until death, and what could be more rewarding than that? You can influence future generations of children at schools or you can care for their health. You can care for the elderly or anybody else in need of your expert assistance. Further, your skills, experience and knowledge can be used in research that can contribute to scientific development which can have a practical effect on those around you. Studying at the FHS can help prepare you for work in the Czech Republic as well as abroad, it’s up to you. With a degree from us, suddenly many doors are open just for you.

Degree courses with real value and substance

Compared with other faculties of Tomas Bata University in Zlín, the Faculty of Humanities is the largest in terms of the number of students. We take this as proof that our degree courses are of high quality and in great demand. So are our graduates, who earn the highest salaries in comparison with graduates of similar degree courses throughout the Czech Republic. Money isn’t everything, but it doesn’t hurt, right? Most importantly, you can make a career out of working with people, helping them and caring for them. Each in its own special way, our degree programmes help our graduates make the world a better place.

With us there is no getting lost in professional life

The Faculty of Humanities is unique in its approach to introducing its students to professional life, since an obligatory part of every programme’s curriculum is a specialized internship. Our students are thus incredibly well-prepared for the real labor market once they leave the gates of their Alma Mater. Finding well-paid, fulfilling jobs simply becomes easier for our graduates, as is shown by salary and employment statistics.

So why study at the Faculty of Humanities? Because our degree programmes are the key to your success in the future!


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