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Among other accomplishments, Tomas Bata University in Zlín (TBU) has proudly declared that we are bilingual, meaning that with us Czech and English are on the same level. Unlike Czech, English is spoken all over the world. But do you know why? In its heyday, Great Britain had colonies all over the world through which they spread their language, with the result that, whether officially by law or not, English is the one language used all over the globe.

Our Language Centre (LC) provides language education for all the TBU faculties, offering students not only English language courses, but also German, French, Russian and Spanish classes.

More and more of our graduates are interested in working in businesses who deal with international clients, where knowing English is a necessity. But if you know other world languages as well, your dream career is a step closer.

How does one survive in the fierce competition of today? At FHS you can go straight towards fortune and success on the job market –  you will already be thinking about your future as you complete your studies. By mastering one world language you will have opportunities to join smaller companies, but with more than one you can look forward to joining large international corporations with even greater prospects for the future.

In companies, the norm tends to be that the employer requires not only a working knowledge of English, but also proof of English proficiency. Thanks to LC, neither of these are a problem, because the Centre offers the possibility of obtaining international Cambridge language certificates to all students. Our LC lecturers organize and teach seminars to prepare interested students from every faculty in Zlín for the language tests, and students can take the tests themselves on the TBU campus as well.

Do you need to study a language for work? Not enough language classes at school? LC offers additional courses for students, employees of companies as well as the general public.

Are you already good at giving presentations and you would like to see how well you match up against fierce competition? As TBU students, you have the option to take part in our prestigious competition Show-off / Zeig dich, which the LC organizes.

Do you know many retirees who are interested in language learning and want to experience the atmosphere of a university? You can recommend to them our language courses for Lifelong Learning Programme / University of the Third Age. (U3V).

The benefits and activities of the LC can be summed up thusly:

  • World languages for students
  • Modern teaching methods
  • Experienced teachers
  • International projects
  • Pleasant surroundings
  • Wide array of language courses for the public

Your road to a great future begins at the Language Centre.

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