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The Research Centre at Faculty of Humanities (RC FoH) comprises of a team of researchers and educators who collaborate to analyse new data relevant for ensuring equal access to lifelong learning for both children and adults, enhancing their effective learning and development.

The outcomes of their research not only expand our knowledge of inequality in lifelong learning, inclusive education, and the efficiency of educational processes but also support informed decision-making among education policy stakeholders and everyday practitioners.


Our mission is to identify critical transformative processes in the lifelong learning of children and adults that influence equal access and effectiveness to it. Through the findings of our research, we aim to eliminate significant barriers to lifelong learning and create solutions that empower individuals to harness the developmental and emancipatory potential inherent in intentional learning.

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The Research Centre, in cooperation with the Department of Pedagogical Sciences, maintain the peer-reviewed journal Social Education. The journal is indexed and publishes theoretical as well as empirical studies, book reviews, and news from the field of social education. Tomáš Baťa University is the publisher of the journal. Masaryk University is a partner of the journal.

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