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The Tomas Bata University in Zlín (TBU) is, in some areas, one of the leading scientific research workplaces in Europe, even in the world. Our faculty upholds this tradition with its facility Research Centre of FHS (RCFHS). Our work is primarily focused on the area of education in schools, but also philological research, caretaking and selected clinical fields on an interdisciplinary basis. At RC FHS, we regularly carry out national and international research projects which we often present at international conferences and in scientific journals. The RC also publishes the internationally accredited peer-reviewed journal Sociální pedagogika I Social Education to share its research results with the world.

What is the focus of RC FHS and what are its goals?

  • Conducting basic as well as applied research in the social sciences and pedagogy;
  • Developing research projects which are financed by external sponsors;
  • Supporting the preparation of research projects and ensuring consultations in methodology, often across various disciplines, to ensure success;
  • Working together on carrying out research projects and certifying specialized methodological courses for scientific teams, e.g. on the usage of software in projects;
  • Providing services in the field of data processing and evaluation within the financial commission process along with the allocation of funds received from grants;
  • Monitoring opportunities for the presentation of research results both in the Czech Republic and abroad as well as providing relevant information on published calls for proposals for research projects funded by grant programmes outside the faculty; seeking opportunities for international cooperation in science and research;
  • Ensuring the operation and publishing of the journal Sociální pedagogika I Social Education, which is indexed in the ERIH database (among others).

In an effort to meet these goals, RC FHS is building a scholarly team that closely follows the current developments in the area of quantitative and qualitative methodology. With its ongoing work, expertise and vision, RC FHS greatly contributes to the development of the science, research and creative activities of the faculty.

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