Head of Research Centre

Mgr. Tomáš Karger, Ph.D.

Research fellow TEL:+420 576 038 007 E-mail: karger@utb.cz Office:U18/421A

Deputy Head of Research Centre

Mgr. Ilona Kočvarová, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor TEL:+420 576 037 450 E-mail: kocvarova@utb.cz Office:U18/436

Project manager

Project manager

TEL:+420 576 037 406 E-mail: cv@fhs.utb.cz Office:U18/421B

Academic staff

doc. Mgr. Soňa Vávrová, Ph.D.

associate professor TEL:+420 576 037 333 E-mail: vavrova@utb.cz Office:U18/438

Mgr. Jan Kalenda, Ph.D.

Senior Lecturer TEL:+420 576 032 240 Mobile:+420 733 690 925 E-mail: kalenda@utb.cz Office:U13/426, U18/438 - tel: +420 576 037 333

Mgr. Eva Machů, Ph.D.

researcher TEL:+420 576 037 450 E-mail: machu@utb.cz Office:U18/436

Mgr. Jitka Vaculíková, Ph.D.

Academic staff, managing editor TEL:+420 576 037 307 Mobile:+420 734 792 969 E-mail: vaculikova@utb.cz Office:U18/437

Research fellows

Mgr. Magdalena Hanková, Ph.D.

Odborná asistentka TEL:+420 576 037 307 E-mail: hankova@utb.cz Office:U18/437

Faculties and departments

Faculty of Technology

Faculty of Management and Economics

Faculty of Multimedia Communications

Faculty of Applied Informatics

Faculty of Humanities

Faculty of Logistics and Crisis Management


University Institute


Halls of Residence and Refectory

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