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When someone mentions the study of social pedagogy or andragogy, very few people know what exactly this entails.

Social pedagogy encompasses a very wide area of studies. See for yourself: in short, it deals with the influence of social contact on humans and examines interpersonal relationships within the education process. Studying social pedagogy will enable you to find your bearings in various pedagogical and social fields as well as in governmental and private institutions. After graduating with the major Social Pedagogy, you will be fully qualified not only to work in pedagogical fields, but also in social services, just to name one other example. Maybe the family you grew up in gave you the nurturing and support children need. However, not all children are that lucky. Social pedagogues advocate for the rights of children in situations in which a family cannot fulfil its functions, or in cases where the child does not have parents at all and lives in a children’s home. You can work for example in educational or preventive care (e.g. as an instructor in after-school programmes, family centers, centers of educational care, diagnostic institutions, etc.), but also in the field of institutional care (e.g. in children’s homes, educational institutions, etc.).

Moreover, after graduating in Social Pedagogy, you will be capable of navigating various social situations that may be the cause of individual problems along with problems within social groups and relations between them. You can find rewarding work in social welfare services. By studying Social Pedagogy, you will be able to help people of all ages in various social situations, i.e. those who have been released from prison and need counseling, young adults leaving the care of children’s homes, individuals at risk because of hazardous behaviors (e.g. drug and alcohol use, etc.).

Andragogy will show you the fascinating world of adult education. On Andragogy is a lecturer or teacher of adults, giving them advice on how to educate themselves and improve their skillsets as well as teaching educational seminars and courses.

An endless number of work opportunities are available to a professional who has a degree in Social Pedagogy on Andragogy, ranging from working with children at schools, after school programmes or school clubs, being employed in various non-educational institutions, all the way to working in rehabilitation facilities, psychiatric hospitals, in the counselling of drug users or in prisons. You can also find jobs in the areas of management and the education of employees at a number of non-profit organizations.

These are all great ideas which are nice to hear, but its actions most of all that are important. Let us not be apathetic towards people who have lost their way in life and need our helping hand. Some people live in their own mental space, i.e. they will not or cannot see the problems around us. This is yet another reason it is so awe-inspiring that so many young people today recognize the value of professions that aid people in need.

Do you not only care about your fellow human beings, but have decided to help them? Then you will certainly be welcome among us.

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