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Department of School Education

About the Department

Have you ever think about why so many little girls want to be teachers when they grow up? The answer is really quite simple – they had a role model, a person they looked up to and tried to emulate.

Not everyone is lucky enough to fulfil their childhood dream and become the person they wanted to be when they were young. Teachers influence new generations beginning all the way at the preschool time. Children of this age are the happiest audience to have and they absorb all the stimuli around them; in these formative years it is quite encouraging to see how kids develop with the right influences.

Primary school teachers do not have it so easy, as working with youth requires not only a steady hand, but also empathy and delicacy. Primary school teachers must not only be professionals, but also kind of performers and friends. You will never be bored of this job and the work day will never be monotonous!

Secondary school requires a completely different approach. As high schoolers begin to step out into the wider world, the teachers at their school are the first ones to open up doors of knowledge and experience for them. These educators lead their students in the right direction and motivate them to achieve goals: they show young people all the things they could be, then present goals that students can fulfil to help achieve their dreams in the future.

This leads us back to role models, who in today’s world are needed more than ever. The Department of School Education will prepare you for the career of a teacher. Live out your childhood dream and you too can become a role model for generations of “bigs and littles.”

You can help us increase the prestige of teachers and help prove that we can nurture young people. We can show kids, teenagers and young adults how to overcome the hurdles in life by showing them the best that is in us.

Come join your colleagues who have already begun this journey!

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