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Department of Modern Languages and Literatures

About the Department

As the old Czech proverb says: “You live a new life for every language you speak. If you know only one language, you live only once.” Foreign languages not only help us discover new words, they show us a completely new world. The goal of language teaching is to communicate, to make your own way in this new world of ours and not to get lost. Those who know both what to say and when to say it become the leaders in business, whether they choose to work for a large company or to start their own. If you want to be that person, we can be the ones who help you achieve this goal. But how?

The Department of Modern Languages and Literature (UMJL) features study programmes in English and German for Business Administration. After finishing your studies you can become a manager in a private company or in a state institution; you can work in businesses with global sectors, e.g. in tourism or international trade. You will be fully capable of leading a business meeting with foreign partners, or you can become a translator of all the activities going on.

Many of our graduates of English and German can also speak other world languages. For example, under the guidance of our native Chinese lecturer, you can learn Mandarin Chinese, by far the most spoken language in the world based on the number of native speakers.

Overall, you will be studying philology, which according to encyclopedias means the studies of a given language together with associated literature along with cultural and historical context. So, there’s no need to be afraid of philology – the original Greek word literally means “friendship with words.” You too can become friends with words, so that foreign languages will no longer be foreign to you.

We will teach you English speaking. Or sprechen. Or even 发言.

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