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About the Department

Every single one of us has been to a doctor’s office or to the hospital for treatment, and a nurse there cared for each one of us. Being a professional nurse means not only that you know your field perfectly, your expertise also shows in your manners and empathetic approach. If you decide to enroll in our major General Nursing, you can find work not only in hospitals or home care, but also in counselling, institutions for the handicapped and retirement homes.

Hippocrates called midwives “belly-cutting hags.” Today we may not use this term, but just like back then, a child is the most beautiful gift for any mother. When the time comes, responsibility for the newborn’s health through a safe and controlled birth, however, becomes the work of someone else. Graduates of our major Midwifery will be able to not only to care for pregnant women and assist with the birth process, but also to care for newborns and children under one year of age. Sometimes grateful parents even name their child after the midwife to thank her for her support and care during the birth experience.

Very few people are aware of the fact that the first school for caregivers was established in 250 BCE in India and was attended only by men. At this period, only men were considered “clean” enough for this job. These days, mostly women are caregivers, although recently more men have been joining this profession as they see how rewarding it can be on so many levels.

Most of us probably want to live a long life, but old age often brings many ailments. In our study programme Health and Social Care Worker, we will teach you how to take care of the elderly as well as other people with special needs, i.e. how to treat them and how to understand what they are experiencing. With this education, you can work in healthcare facilities, long-term acute care facilities, hospices, psychiatric hospitals, facilities to aid the chronically ill as well as in charity facilities.

People often complain about healthcare, although in Europe in general and in the Czech Republic in particular the very best health care in the world is available. Criticizing and pointing out mistakes is so easy, but actively doing something to change the situation for the better can seem a difficult task. Let our professionals at the Department of Health Care Sciences lead you through the complicated world of these fascinating and much-needed professions. These are truly study programmes with outstanding future prospects. Many professions can be replaced by robots, but the human factor, particularly the human empathy so vital in healthcare, can never be replaced even by the best machines in the world.

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